By Brittany Cunningham-Scott

We were recently asked by The House of Busby to do a lifestyle photoshoot for the launch of their new ZIG ZAG brand. The ZIG ZAG range includes fashion backpacks for all ages; backpacks for primary and high school students, backpacks for university students and orthopaedic backpacks, which are professionally recognised and endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa.

The photographs were used to form part of a ‘back to school’ campaign, launched in January 2018. The campaign needed lifestyle as well as detailed photographs of the product, which would be used for catalogues, signage and online retail. Posters would also be enlarged for shop fronts and product display.

The shoot took place at Prop Stars in Johannesburg, which is essentially a warehouse filled to the brim with all types of props. Articles of furniture and various miscellaneous objects in every shape and size, are at your disposal. Prop Stars is also equipped with an upstairs studio, and a giant infinity curve, which is where most of our photographs were taken. We used an assortment of lockers, shelves, encyclopedias and desks to mimic a classroom set up.

On the day of the shoot we had a total of 17 kid models. We divided the day into two sessions, first we photographed the younger kids aged 6 to 12 and later the teenagers aged 13 to 18. As there was a limited budget, our models were friends and family.

These children had limited experience in front of the camera and it was necessary to teach them how to pose, and help them feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible in the intimidating bright lights of the studio.

Photographing amateur kid models proved to be challenging, however their enthusiasm and excitement made it all worth while. We were able to meet the objective of the brief and the client was very happy with the final product.